Tuesday, December 8, 2009

photography and music

One of the many interests that both my husband and I shared is music and photography. When I finally migrated to the States, I brought some of my favorite music CD collections. Hubby said that there are Free Sound Effects that we could find online. In fact, we bought several music videos that we love to listen to especially when travelling in the car.

Taking pictures is one of our favorite hobby. When he went to Pusan on July 15 (2008) to take a tour of the USS Ronald Reagan, he took several photos that I like. These were taken from the flightdeck of the USS Ronald Reagan, an awesome aircraft carrier in the U.S. Fleet.
The concrete used in this display onboard the USS Ronald Reagan was a piece actually removed from the Berlin Wall.....pretty cool. I am glad that I get to see some of the beautiful places of Korea. I will sure miss the place. I just wish that I could have met my husband earlier hehehe. He did not take any pictures of the places that he's been on his former assignments.

Let it Snow

When I woke up yesterday, I was bummed out to see that it was snowing because we suppose to go out with the kids but we went anyway. I am glad that my father-in-law has two extra bedroom set for us to use while we are staying at his house. We will probably transfer to our house after Christmas time or when our household goods arrive, whichever is earlier. Meanwhile we are enjoying our stay here. My father -in-law misses the kids so much so he is very happy that we are staying in his house for a little while before we transfer to our house.

I took these photos at Dad's back porch. This was just the start of snow fall yesterday. We accumulated 2-3 inches thick of snow.

It got so cold last night that I had to turn on the extra heater at our room. Right now, our weather is 29 degrees. My kids and I went to our family friend's house last night and eat some Filipino foods. They did not stay very long though because they want to go home and play with the new addition to our family, CHAMP. I took this chinese lantern when we ate at a Chinese resto yesterday.

And this sign at the entrance door.

On our way home, I spotted this red roof in a drive-thru fast food chain.
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