Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Champ got Injured

Our poor little Champ got injured last Tuesday morning. He fell in our patio porch and broke his lower bone on his left leg. I feel so bad because the once full of life aka super hyper dog is now just sitting in one corner in pain.
The vet said that he might heal in 4-6 weeks so he has to wear this cast/splint. On the first day, he was in agony and couldn't move. Now he can drag his leg and walk around a little bit.
I prays that he heals so soon because it is causing me pain seeing him suffer, he is like one of my kids.

Thanks Rye for taking care of Champ.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

CSN Stores has it ALL!

I'm sure if you are a regular reader of my blogs, you have seen or read my post about this pretty set of plates with caddy iron stand that my very good friend Dhemz has given me. She bought this from CSN out of the prize that she got from a giveaway sponsored by CSN Stores. CSN has over 200 stores listed in their site so whatever you are looking for, you can find it there. I think I am getting addicted to browsing their selection of beautiful products. What I like about them is that, most of the products will be shipped for free to Canada and US, a great savings you could get for shipping cost.

I have posted about the New Stand Mixer that I got for free from CSN at my Kitchen blog. My husband love to bake sweets so he is enjoying this baby so much. I also mentioned in my post that my next project would be a mailbox because the old one that we got is all tore up. Some kid punks stole the flag and it is rotten old as it was the mailbox of the former owner of the house when we bought it.

I tell you, CSN has the most fast shipping that I have experience with my online shopping. We ordered this mailbox on August 1 and the next day, they notify me that they already shipped the item. It's the same way with the mixer too. My husband was really surprised when he saw the mailbox because he was expecting less of a quality but it was a pretty heavy duty one. His words were " I am impressed"!.
I got the mailbox for almost free too plus a free shipping offer, ain't that awesome? I am very thankful to CSN for helping me out get the stuff I need for less. Anyhow, hubby made a wooden post for it so we won't have to buy one. Post cost more than a hundred bucks (the fancy one) so we just decided for him to make one out of wood which was available in our garage. You have to make ways to save you know. Above was the unpainted wooden post. I planted some plants around it and it looks real nice. Way better than the old rotten one that we had.

This is it how it looks now (above photo). My husband is now painting the numbers that my SIL (thanks Chris) made to be put in the post. Over all, I am a satisfied customer of CSN Stores. Try to visit the site folks, they have such a nice listing of stuff from their stores and great deals on it too.