Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Precious Gifts

We would like to thank the Cole family from Pennsylvania for sending us a box of goodies last week. Thank you so much Mel for being such a thoughtful and nice friend, may God bless you more for that! Blogging have brought me so much great experiences especially in meeting good people.

Mel sent a Holly Royalton Collection with a certificate of authenticity. Holly's head hands and feet are fashioned of fine hand - painted bisque porcelain. Her costume has been hand-tailored using the finest fabrics and trims.
Do you see how happy she is in the picture? Thanks Mel for the gorgeous sterling-swarovski earring you sent me. You made my two sweet tooth men happy with the box of chocolate - my husband's favorite brand too. Most especially, our little man was so happy that he has something in the box, he is a fan of light bug years characters. He love those cute pencils and the stickers and magnet stickers made the two really busy hahaha.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much Mel. I hope that in due time, we will meet your family in person sistah.