Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun-Filled Mother's day

I've posted on my Nostalgic Marveling blog our fun-filled and adventurous Mother's day this year. Together with close our friends, we celebrated the special day at the Raccoon Creek Park in PA. Although it was cold that day but we had so much!

I mentioned on my previous post that I wasn't able to locate the mother's day card that my daughter made for me the last time I was looking for it. well, I cleaned up the clutter in our computer desk and found it. So here it is.

Here's the card that hubby gave me on that special day, thanks Hon!

My SIL Chris is very thoughtful, she never forgot to give me card in every occasion. She also gave me a butterfly garden stick to put in my garden but I put it in the flower vase hehehe.

A dear friend from California also sent me a personalized MD message. Thanks Dhemz and Akesh.

I want to thank Raquel for going with us even though they have committed to other activity to attend to. Hope you enjoyed your first first Mother's day Manay!

Thanks also to the Worthingthon family for joining and celebrating the MD with us. We had so much with you guys!

She also gave me a bouquet of carnation, luvya badingding.. You are so sweet (alam mo ba fresh pa din yung flowers hehehe).
I had a flower vase full of sweet flowers from sweet people on that special day!

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