Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home Made Pizza

My daughter Rylie and my husband John decided to make a pizza, a night before new year. It's a joy watching them work together, my daughter talked to his dad like an adult. Hubby said "I think that when you reach teen hood, you won't gonna hang out with me anymore as much as you do now." My daughter replied "No Dad, even if my friends will ask me to go with them, I will just tell them to go ahead because I wanna stay with you." I find it very very sweet. The pizza turned out pretty good, I loved it! Thanks guys, more pizza next time ha ha ha.. They also baked some cookies which Rylie had decorated herself.

to start the year of '09

I was bummed out this morning when hubby told me that our CPU's fan blow up. Man, what a day to start the new year. But anyhow on the good side, it gave me ample time to do thorough cleaning inside the house. We did the laundry, cleaned the refrigerator, cooked breakfast, vacuumed the floor and put away the Christmas decorations (with the help of my daughter and hubby). My husband got called out from work so I was a little bit upset because we suppose to go to church. Anyhow, after eating our brunch, he opened up the CPU and cleaned it up. Gee, you won't believe how much dust was in there. It's been a while since we last clean it so the dusty parts inside made the fan stop functioning right. I was happy after he tidied it up because the computer is running smoothly now without a sound from inside. I am back to normal blogging now hehehe. I thought for sure it was the end of it because our PC is more than 3 years old already. Thanks God, it got fixed.. He knows we can't afford to get a new one lol..

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here are the Cottrill's happy faces to welcome the 2009 New Year. We're going to celebrate our new year here tonight. Hope you guys has a wonderful time out there!

Thank you for extending your friendship and precious time with us. May all of you have a fabulous and fruitful new year ahead. May God bless us all with good health, happiness, peace, and love within our hearts!