Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandy Tragedies... a Realization

Whew, I am relieved, the world is not over yet! Thank you God, for giving us another wonderful  time to live and  to enjoy the gift  of life that you  gave us!  

Despite of the devastating "Sandy" wrath (hurricane in New Jersey and New York and the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting), I am thankful that we are emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy.  May the the  Sandy tragedies gives us time to reflect and a realization  that every minute we spend with our family is valuable.

Please join me to pray for those  families who are affected by the "Sandy" devastation.
Photos were taken at home  after attending a Sunday mass.  
Let us not forget the true spirit of Christmas and that is to appreciate and  give thanks to God for everything that we have including the difficulty and hardships.  With this difficulty, we learned how to be strong and start  over again.  With every hardship and experiences, there is a lesson to learn.   

Let us not forget to tell our family how we love them.  Spend   quality time with your kids as much as you can.    Give a friend a hug, a smile, and pray for those less fortunate ones.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and  may your new year be filled with Love and Joy!

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