Friday, January 9, 2009


Babies are curious, the first thing hey learn early in life is to eat.... good sign of survival. I think all parents experience times when they baby put in their mouth just everything they see around them. Am I right? Our two children underwent those stages which I was always scared about. Especially those little crumbs and tiny pieces that they found on the floor. Those things are normal and it also gave the kids get used and immune to some germs which in turn will make their immune system stronger.
The first two pics were taken when our daughter was six months old and the last pic was taken when our son was 7 months old, when he tried to paint his face lol... You may share your experience here... Thanks!

hair dryer effect

I was drying my hair yesterday and my daughter keep telling me to take her picture while she was playing on our bed. So I took the camera and blew her hair with the hair dryer and snapped the pic. She had fun with the hair dryer effect hehehe.. So here's the outcome of our creativity lol..
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Snowy winter

We don't have snow in the place where we are right now so we miss the fun we had during winter back in the mainland. Although its not fun to drive on an icy road but snow sure bring fun for the family like us who love having fun. These were taken two years ago at Dad's yard. Even my father misses watching us play in the snow, every time we talk to him on the phone, he always tells us about it.