Monday, December 21, 2009

Remembering Korea

The following photos below were taken during our last few weeks in Korea. The first photo was taken at the entrance of Home Plus from the roof top parking area.

This was taken inside the Navy Store inside the ROK Navy base. Every month, they have one aisle full of sales item like birthday cards, shoes, baby clothes but most of the time, candies and snacks. Isn't it neat how they decorate even their sale stuff? That's how ornate Koreans are especially on gardening.

I love the way these bottles look. These were displayed on top of the cakes shelf. I am not sure if these are fruit juices or fruit wines but whatever they are, they look tasty lol.

This was on the first floor of Home Plus. I really like these small planters, aren't they cute?

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks! Have a merry Christmas!

Glued on TV

Hubby took this when we were still in Korea. This is how we look when we are busy watching TV lol. when kids are watching TV, parents should watch with them because there are shows (even kids exclusively for kids) have a very bad lingo or negative attitudes, so parental guidance is always important.


This is one scenario you will see whenever a family keeps moving from one place to another. this is how messy our house was in Korea when we are getting ready to ship our stuff.

It's snowing again

Champ always woke me up at 5 o'clock in the morning. I have to get up or else he will pee inside our room so I took him out this morning. It's snowing again so I came back in to get my camera and took these photos.
Here's Champ sniffing the snow while peeing hehehe. This is a little darker but you can see the snow fall. Happy Holidays everyone.