Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Adventures in the Woods

Since my  kids are off from school already, I have been very busy entertaining  them.  We went to the nearby woods  the other day. with our dog, Bolt.  We brought some drinks and  the kids brought their "paraphernalia" to investigate the woods.  My daughter brought her diary and wrote  what she sees and experience out there.
We saw a snake's skin along the way and  ten steps from the skin  is seems to be snake's hole on the  ground.  I have phobia with snake but I did not show my kids that I was scared, we just move along and I prayed that we won't  encounter the real  thing lol.

When my husband arrived from work, the kids were telling him  about our little adventure.  They asked their Dad to go for a walk and we showed him the  skin of the snake.

We stopped by in front of the church and took a family photo after our walk.

White Cloud Facial Tissue

Despite the chilly weather last weekend, our daughter insisted that we  set up   our camping tent at the backyard.  They stayed there the rest of the day which I was worried that they  are going to  have colds afterwards.  I should have listened to my intuition   because now they are both coughing, oh boy.  They are  watching TV right now with a  box of tissue  right beside them.    Anyway, I was  reading my feeds on Facebook and happen to glanced upon the the collaboration of  White Cloud with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.    White Cloud is a company that  produces affordably green toiletries such as  tissue and toilet papers.   White Cloud asked  the kids at CMN Hospital to create new tissue box design.  White Cloud's Facebook fans  voted  and the three designs with  the most votes will  be available  for sale at Walmart.  You may purchase  it  for a  limited time  starting May 24.  To find out whether  the Walmart in your area carried  the products,  use the  White Cloud Store Locator and see.  You can also check White Cloud Facebook Page for the ten entries that were submitted and  voted by the fans.

You can check out at White Cloud Twitter Page or White Cloud Pinterest Page which hospital will be awarded with the prizes.  Three  winning hospitals will each receive $15,000 donation in behalf of White Cloud . Also, watch out for the $0.75 coupon that you can clip from July's All You Magazine.  I admire White Cloud for  asking the patients at CMN hospitals  to  make  the design.  I am sure that it gives them  hope and  contentment that even though they are being treated for certain sickness, they can still make a difference through their arts.
 photo 01f0897f-6a91-4a61-95fb-94759c6ebeea_zps51f4bbe6.jpg