Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the Mood to Cook

Before my husband left going to school this morning, I asked him what he wants for lunch. He asked me to make steak and some mashed potatoes but I bargain hahaha. I asked him to pick some filipino foods and he said he wants some adobo so that is waht I made. I was so busy today, as soon as hubby left I vacuumed the floor then when I got done, I started doing the laundry. While the laundry is going, I started cooking.
I promnised my friend Raquel who is concieving right now that I would cook another batch of bihon (rice noodles) because she is craving for it. so here it is Manay, I hope you like it. It's an honor that you are craving for my pancit maybe your baby will be a good cook like me hahaha, just kidding friends.
I called her to come up and get her share of pancit hehehe. I am glad I was able to do all those chores, now that I got done folding the clothes I can blog a little before I go to bed. Hubby's classes tomorrow are cancelled, yipppeee.