Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Things are Treasures

My sister-in-law drove by our house and left her cards for my kids on the night of the 13th. Thanks Chris, you are the sweetest Valentine's fairy there is.
When we went to the mall last Saturday, my husband kept asking me what do I want for Valentine's day even if I already told him a gazillion times that I don't need anything. He even stopped by at Victoria's Secret but again I insisted not to get me any. For me a card is more than enough!
Here's the message:
We've shared a lot of happiness,
We've seen dreams come true,
And every now and then
we've had our share of worries, too...
But everyday our love has grown
Still deeper than before,
And with each passing year
I know I'll love you even more
I will always love you Hon forever and ever.
See simple things are the best treasure there is!

From California With LOve

A very good friend Dhemz of the My Life's Perception & Inspiration sent us some goodies that she brought with them when they had their vacation from the Philippines. We loved all of them! Ubos na actually yung sweets lol.
Thank you so much sis!

Satisfying my Cravings

Being away from my origin country is hard especially when it comes to the food that you used to eat. I crave for them sometimes. Good thing hubby is a great provider, whenever we go to the asian store, he would let me buy those foods that I want even if they don't eat it just to satisfy my cravings. I actually was hesitant to try this belt fish then but he said for me to try it, now I love it.


I cooked the last pack of pancit yesterday. I used the left over steak that we bought from the chinese resto for the sahog, added some veggies and oala, instant yummy noodles dish na. I love cooking pancit because all of us eats it, my kids and husband love and so am I.