Friday, January 21, 2011

Achievements of our Burritos

Ms. Burrito did not have classes today so we used the art stuff that my husband bought the other day.  Both of these burritos love  doing art stuff so we always have   materials like these ready at home  especially on winter when they are stuck inside the house.
The theme or topic this week at Mommy Moment is new achievement.  As for Ms. Burrito, she knows how to read now (not the very long word though) but she can read books in sentences  with simple words or short words.  She can also  count by five  up to a hundred.  Teaching Ms. Burrito is not so hard but it's the contrary to Mr. B.

With Mr. Burrito, it is hard for him to really focus on  what I am teaching him,.  He just want to be goofy all the time which frustrates me.  Doing arts is what he likes  plus he can recite   the alphabet (not complete lol).  He is becoming more independent though, he can now use the bathroom without our help.  He does however love reading time.
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