Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

The photos below were taken last Sunday after we got out from church. We decided to take the kids to the park at Marland Heights before we visit Dad.
Ms. Burrito wasn't feeling really well that day, we figured that if she  gets  enough fresh air that she will be okay, and she did!  A relaxing Sunday  spent in nature  and family, just perfect!
Let me tell you  some Q-things  about me.  I am a quiet type, I am not good  with quarrels, I used to be quick-tempered but I think that I am getting better at it now.  
It is so nice to  spend quality time with  family especially your kids.  They grow up so fast and soon they will leave  your care and have their own  lives.  Hubby and I wants to  enjoy the  moment  that we have now with them.