Thursday, June 25, 2009

and the BBQ feast has begun..

We went for a walk yesterday and as we pass by our neighbor, we smelled some barbecue. My husband said "We should make some bbq tomorrow." So I marinated the meat last night so we could make some bbq today. While waiting for my husband to arrive, my burritos and I cleaned up the grill.. The daughter took some photos while the mom cleans up lol.. (pictures were taken at the back porch) We have two grills here. We bought the bigger one last year and when my husband's buddy was leaving, he gave us his small one. Does anyone need one, you can have the small one for free.. you have to come here though hehehe.. My daughter scratching her elbow because the pesky skitters bit her again... I killed a lot of them while were out though.. revenge!The marinated meat.. Meat in the skewers.. The BBQ team, grilling.. And here's the end product... TADAH! YUMMY! I just wish we have some achara hehehe..Thanks for visiting everyone!