Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sequence of Three

Watching a movie with the Burritos and Champ
My husband believe that everything comes in threes in his life whether it's a good luck, bad luck, death, and other events.  Here are the series of  not-so-good events at our home.
  1. Sometime in October ,  our truck broke down so that cost us an arm and leg for the  repair.  There are parts in the engine that were replaced.
  2. Then few weeks after that, the plumbing system at commode got clogged.  We tried the best we could to unclog it but it did not worked so we had to call a plumber.  I think he worked  on it for 15 minutes and he charged us almost  five hundred  bucks... argghhhh.
  3. I thought for sure that my broken budget  will count as the third bad event but I was wrong because last weekend, my computer crashed!  Oh no, not again...  
So now, my computer is at the Computer Rescue Repair.  I don't know when the technician will be able to   finish it.  I am currently using my husband's super slow PC, whew.  This would explain why my photo is not related to the  above events.  All the photos I have were downloaded on my PC.  This is also the reason why my visit to other blogs are limited.

These sequence of three events definitely ruined my budget plans.. sigh.

Do you have some beliefs like that of my husband's?
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