Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jade Mere

You might have read  my post from my other blog about my dream of  visiting New Zealand.  Well, that is still a dream and hope that it could become a reality in the future.  I was looking at the products that are made in New Zealand and found this Jade Mere really beautiful.  The Jade Mere is an ornamental used for both ceremonial and  fighting purposes by Maori warriors.  I also love the  blue paua heart pendant  and the possum fur baby  booties little pixie is so darn cute!
Greenstone Jade Maori Mere-18cm (7") with Stand
Greenstone Jade Maori Mere
Blue Paua Pearl Heart Pendant  8.0mm
Love this blue paua pearl heart pendant
Possum Fur Baby Booties Little Pixies
Possum Fur Baby Booties little pixies