Friday, April 30, 2010


Driving to Tomlinson Run Recreation Park takes about 30 minutes from our house so we have a chance to see different kinds of natural beauties including animals on the way. We passed by a farm with cows in it and the kids got excited so hubby turned around and pulled over on the side so they could see them fully. I was happy too since I got the chance to take some pictures hehehe.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A beautiful Day the Lord has Made

What a beautiful day the Lord has made!
With a clear and sun shining bright,
Let us drive and enjoy a day of might!

Thanks to the Lord for giving us a perfect day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Men's Clothing

I bet, you never saw me post a picture of my husband in suit lol. This is actually my first time to see him in suit, I always see in dress uniform when he was still in active duty but not like this one. Before we left from his last assignment, he shopped for men's clothing online in preparation for his upcoming job hunting here. Well, this one is a practice. He went to the hospital for a tour as a requirement to the program that he is taking in school this term ... which he already switched into something else. But anyhow, don't he look different? There you go friends, my one and only hubby, on the red carpet, I mean in red tie lol. Good night everyone!

Fever Blister

When my daughter got that very high fever, she had this blisters afterwards when fever died down. She really is like her Daddy wen it comes to attributes and stuff, because EJ's fever is much higher than she had but he never got this.

Dating Canadian Geese

We went to Tomlinson Run last Friday for the weather was warm and it has been over two years since we last visited that recreation area in New Manchester, WV. There are folks that were fishing down at the lake and lots of canadian geese.

These two canadian geese seems to be dating as they were tagging along with each other and when the other one flew, the other followed. Too bad I wasn't able to catch in camera hehehe.

EJ Cut his Hair!

The first photo was taken when we first got up from bed. My son jumped up in my lap and wanted me to take a picture of us so I did.
When I was busy making our breakfast, he asked me how does he look like with his new hair cut and I said "What are you talking about?" That's when I noticed that he was holding his craft scissor and a gab of hair on his other hand.
See a part of his hair cut off?
There's nothing I can do but say "Good job EJ, you look great!"
Can this be a trendy haircut for summer? LOL!
Daddy has to do the remedy later on for this hahaha.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prayer Get-Together

We were invited by a filipina friend for prayer gathering last weekend so me and the kids went. She told me not to bring food because she said that she ordered some from the Chinese restaurant and other Filipinos promised to bring some menus to but I brought with us some ginataan (Filipino dessert) anyway. I don't want to go there without bringing anything. Well, I should have listened to her because there were tons of foods in there.
The kids had so much playing with the kids, although they got sick after that gathering which led me to believed that they got food poisoning from there.
All the kids in the photos are half Filipinos and half Americans. After saying the rosary, the ladies had a jewelry presentation from someone who work as a jewlery agent.
I brought my kids at the back porch when we ate our food but we did not last there because it was cold. We just enjoyed the beautiful view and we came back in.
I took this beautiful combination of two trees in full bloom in front of their neighbor's house.

Thank you all for including my children in your prayers, they are feeling better now. Although their appetite are still down but at least they are not sick anymore. Praise God for He is great!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dress Up Time for Chelsea

My daughter had fun dressing up her favorite doll, Chelsea. I am glad that Chelsea was very nice and she let her do these stuff without making a fuss.
This is now include in her daily routine, dressing Chelsea up everytime she puts on her princess clothes on lol.
She seem to be okay with it but she is also good of taking it off lol.
Oh boy, hope this brings a little smile on your face guys. Have a nice weekend. Our burritos has a runny bottom. I think they have food poisoning from a party that we attended last weekend.

Wild Flower

We have a lot of these in our yard, I don't know if they are weed but one thing for sure.. they are pretty! As I was digging up the dandelion in our yard, I spared these purple ones because I find them beautiful. So I just left them bloom there.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lavender Fields of Iris

Aside from outing, partying, and other outdoor fun, gardening is one of my favorite outdoor activities that I love doing during summer time. It gives me relaxation and ME-time therapy hehehe. It is also a great bonding moment for me and my kids as they love gardening also.

When we first bought our house, there are only a couple of bigh shrubs around the house. Hubby and I did not like it as they were growing near the wall already so he dug those out and I planted some plants to replaced them.
At the right side of our house, I [planted irises in it and I did not realize that it will grow so thick. When we came back from Korea, I was so surprised to find how thick they got.
They are now in full bloom and we are lovin it.
We had so much taking pictures of it yesterday while the kids were running around playing after they've gone through their sickness.

See how thick they got. Who would want some to plant, I'll give you some? You just have to come here and get it lol.

Thanks for visiting here friends! Hope you enjoy our lavender fields of Iris!