Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First Tennis Match

On May 15th, we went to Wheeling Park for the kids to attend the first tennis  match after  attending two practices only.  It's been raining since they started   tennis in Spring so  the practices have been cancelled a couple of times.  To go to this match is crazy because they didn't know much yet but we went anyway just so our daughter can experience how it is to play in a match.  She was so nervous.  
 It's 45 minutes drive fom our place to Wheeling park so we left early.  This was our first time going to the said place so we relied on oir GPS.
 EJ wasn't worried because he ain't officially  refistered to  play in matches.
 There are so many neat things to see down there in Wheeling.
 I would love to stop by there one dayy and ex[plore the place.
 We arrived there early.  It was cold  that day and we were not dressed for it.  It was even colder because the matches was in Hilltop courts where it is elevated.
 It's a beautiful  state park though.  There's golf course, water park, and the view is beautiful.
 We were the very first ones to arrived there so the kids got to practice a little.
 When the  coaches arrived, they were surprised we were there.  They  probably didn't expect us to come since the kids were newbies and they  haven't learn so much but they were happy that we came.
 They asked us if we would love for EJ to play with Rylie against  the team of beginners from Wheeling team.  We said yes but our son wasn't  up for it, he played anyway.
 Their oppornents obviously knows the rules to the game so they had an advantage over them.  Although our kids  tasted defeat on their first match,, it was understandabe because they  only attended two practices so you can't really learn that much from it.
 The good thing about it is, they have earned the rules there so they have the idea nw how to play the game.
They were bummed out after the match but it  gave them more motivation to keep practicing and learn more about tennis.  They said that the next time they compete, they will be better and they were right, they didn't lose on the last match that they  have attended last June 5th at Wheeling Bubble Tennis Court .  They have improved so much since their first  match.