Thursday, March 28, 2013

TouchTunes Jukebox

My Burritos wants to go to Pizza Hut most of the times not because they want to eat but because they want to play music on this TouchTunes Juxebox.  They are very interested how jukebox works.
Whenever I see a jukebox, it always reminds me of  an old restaurant hehehe.
When was the last time you've ever played a jukebox?

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Pain Medication

We visited my FIL the other day and he is getting anxious of his next visit to the doctor.  He was thinking of bailing out but  we told him that he sould go so that  the doctor could address  whatever is bothering him physically.   He just don't like to go though the examination they did to him the last time he visited.  Anyhow, my husband  sprayed   his shingle before we left  as  it was bothering him again.

Glad that there are  stores  that sells medication even without prescription from the doctor.