Saturday, December 5, 2009

Left Over food

What do you do with your left over food? Do you throw it away? When I came to the States, I've seen left over foods just being wasted. Especially after big occassions like Thanksgiving, Christmas or 4th of July Celebration. When I see the food just go bad because no one wants to eat left over anymore, I feel really guilty inside. I always think about the street children in the Philippines where they have to sell Sampaguita, rugs or newspaper just so they can help their family to raise money for food..
As part of the Filipino culture and tradition, food is very important and we never throw left overs. I carried that practice even now that I am married. I see to it that the food I am cooking is just enough for us. There are times that we have left over but I never threw them. We always eat it the next day, after all some LOs are better tasting when it sets for a day. 

The other day I made a beef roast but we didn't able to eat it all, so what I did is I made a vegetable soup out of it. I just added some frozen veggies (fresh veggies is better) and tadahhhh masarap na ulam na for lunch..
Some left overs that I always used forsecond cooking is adobong baboy, I always uses it as sahog in pansit... Yummmmyummmyyy!
This is our dessert for today.. Sweet rice or malagkit.. Do you guys want some?

Eyeglasses for Rylie

We will be flying on Wednesday folks and our internet connection will be unplugged tomorrow, so I am leaving you something to enjoy. We were eating at our favorite Korean resto last week when Rylie decided to try on my eyeglasses.
Oh boy, I am not looking forward for this long flight. We will be travelling for almost 19 hours. We have connecting flights from Korea to Japan, Japan to Detroit, Detroit to Pittsburgh, then we have to drive one hour from Pittsburgh to West Virginia wahhh. This will be an ardous one. Thanks for visiting and commenting guys!