Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eye Catching Rugs

I always admire houses with beautiful area rugs laid out on the floor. It is always the first thing that catches my eyes especially if the house has wooden floor or tiles. Back in the Philippines where I came from, I seldom seen fancy rugs on the floor, maybe because it's quite expensive there and average people can't really afford to buy one or they don't prefer to have one.

Before we left mainland US this year, we renovated our basement and laid out new hardwood floors as a replacement for the old and rotten asbestos type of tiles that was there when we bought the house three yars ago. My husband and I agreed that the theme for our basement will be a combination of a sailors pad with an Asian feel on it. He wants to hang all the memorabilias that he earned for his twenty years of service in the Navy. We will go back to our house in the States after his retirement next year.