Friday, August 31, 2012

Pets & Kids

Our pets got used to having the kids 24/7 so when they started school, they missed them. As soon as they come to the door, they go hyper so the kids bond with them before doing their homework.
This chair is the official chair of Champ.  When you tell him "Go to your chair" he would jump right in.
Champ would pace back and fourth when someone sits in his chair.
Bolt only  stay in the chair when he is grounded but in this case, for photo opp lol.
One more day to enjoy the weekend without waking up early.  How y'all doing?

ATV and Kids

These Burritos are tryng to feel the vibe of  riding an ATV.  My brother-in-law Rick has it  in their garage when we visited.
ATV and kids looks  good together!  Ain't the SMILES on their faces  enough  to show that they wish we have one? Lol.