Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Grades and a Bunny

Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. Burrito are so proud of Ms. Burrito for doing such a great job with her studies.  We just signed the third grading  of her report card.  All of the aspects are satisfactory.
They are just now being taught about addition but  Ms. Burrito has been doing it  even before she started her classes so I am sure that she will do great on that.
She is also starting to spell some four letter words and other long words that she knows already.
With that being said, we rewarded her with a bunny, his name is Wubzy and he is being spoiled in the house by us.  You would find more pictures of this  fella at Ms. Burrito's blog.
I would also  want to congratulate Mr. Burrito in showing interest in learning.  I am not enforcing the teaching to him  if he is not  in the mood.  I wait till he is in the mood and that is when we do it.  Lately, he has been showing progress on writing letters.