Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun Adventures Part 3

On our third day in Osan, we just basically stroll outside the air force base and made a little shopping in Shinjang Shopping mall. It's not actually a mall, its just how they call it.. It's an outside market like we have in the Philippines. .
Inside the Mink blanket store:this is where we bought the home decor: strolling along: Our day ended with a family walk around the air force base: We've planned to go out for our last night but Lady in Red decided to visit me earlier than its due so we kinda just hang around the hotel's veranda. It was raining like heck when we left Osan the next morning. Our Labor day celebration was spentin the bus lol.

Splashing Up the heat!

Our second day adventure was a fun trip to Camp Humphreys' waterpark called Splish & Splash. Here we go guys, the fun begun here: I find this a very neat design. We slid on these slides and it was fun, our daughter did it over and over again with me and daddy. A lot more fun in the sun, good thing we applied sun lotion. My husband didn't so he got sun burnt. Sun Bathing? Nahhhh, just taking pictures lol.. My skin is already dark, so need no tanning at all. The cool water feels good! My son did not want to get out of the pool lol.. He is a water fanatic..