Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Grader

We went to our daughter's school last Thursday and registered her in the First grade class.  Time FLIES!  We also paid the tuition Fees upon registration.  It's expensive to send your kids to private school but I like it because the   population is small so teachers, students, and parents knows each other.
My daughter's teacher wanted to  take a picture of  Ms. Burrito's face but she smiled when our daughter  posed lol.
She also included our son for the picture taking.
The artworks on the photo below were made by Ms. Burrito's class when they were in Kindergarten.  
Ms. Burrito and Mrs. Gain's FIRST FOTO together.
Today was the First day of  school at St. Joe's.  I thought that I'd be okay when we sent  our daughter but when I came home, I felt nauseous once again just like the feeling I had when we first sent her to kindergarten class.  I wonder when I will get over this separation anxiety lol.