Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Nanny

EJ applied to be a super nanny but little Gracie wasn't very fond of it lol. He tried to calm her down but the little one was hungry. Sorry EJ, it isn't your time yet, when you become a Daddy, you will figure out how to calm a baby.


We don't have savings to buy furniture for our family room down at the basement yet so I put most of the kids toys down there. We also put the other TV there so that when they want to play, they can watch their shows as well. Right now, it is so cold down there that no one wnats to stay there for long . Hubby plans to buy a fireplace to put there but it is going to be a long-term goal for us.


My son still misses Korea and hopes that we'll go back there. It makes me miss Korea more. But anyhow, I am sharing this photo that I took last year when we drove3 for the last time going to Daegu. Taken at the Changwon bridge.

Have a nice day everyone!

Great Find

I was cleaning our basement yesterday and putting things in their place when I suddenly find this collector's plate. It is a 28 years old plate. It says at the back print that it is the only edition of Father's Day commissioned for Fine China by Edwin Knowles.
I was so surprised to find it there because I thought that I removed all the stuff that was left there by the former owner. The former owner of this house left us a lot of stuff like the old gas stove, which still works. I think they have a kitchen down there before which explains why there is a cabinet and dishes.