Thursday, July 3, 2014

Father's Day 2014

On Father's Day this year, we started our day with a hearty meal that I prepared for my  husband.  We planned on spending the day to the Zoo so we got up early and got ready.
 A simple family photo before we took off.  My son is always  making faces, it frustrates me sometimes because we can't get a good family family  picture most of the times.  Anyway, before we head out to the zoo, we visited my father-in-law first.  We got him a  new flag and a new razor for gifts.
 He was very happy to see both because he   needed a new flag as his old one is all shredded up.  The last time we put a new flag  on his flag pole  was years ago, when my brother's in law was still alive.
 I love it when I see these two so  loving with each other because nowadays, they love to pester each other lol.
 My FIL is a very patriotic man so even if his  eye sight is  slowly deteriorating, he is very proud to fly a flag in his front yard.
 I love this photo  when my daughter gave Dad a hug!
My husband   with Dad.
And the last shot, a family photo.
I will be posting our  Father's Day adventure at the zoo real soon!