Friday, September 18, 2009

Treasured Pictures

Hi there folks, it is Friday once again, another exciting entry for Mommy MOments. The theme for this week is treasured pictures. This is why I am a little bit late for my entry because I have a hard time figuring out which photos should I post. Actually all the pictures that I took is a treasure to me but unfortunately I have to pick the most meaningful ones. Here are my entries.

This is the only picture I have of my parents when they were still dating. Who do you think I look like. The folks from our place say that I look exactly like Mama.

I love this picture of hubby and Rylie, look so sweet!

Rylie's sweet bonding wit Pap Pooch!

Reading time with Mommy and Daddy

My husband is probably going to kill me with tickles (I am ticklish) when he sees this hahaha. The guy on the left side is John. I think the name of their band was Grafitti.

This is a photo of John's Dad and Mom with his sister Crystal and her daughter Jen. The ornery looking boy is my husband, now you know why EJ is very ornery lol.

I Love this photo because it is one of those moments where my husband and two lil' ones are bonding together. This was taken last year's July 4th celebration when we watched the fireworks display in KOrea.

A peaceful bonding. Now they are like cat and dog hahaha, always growling at each other.

Taken at the hospital when I gave birth to EJ.

Just having fun with Mommy's silly joke hehehe..

My first time experiencing Winter time.

Alrighty folks, thanks a lot for peeking at my entry!