Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dog Crate for kids and dog?

Our order from CSN arrived last Tuesday. It is a dog crate for our dog Champ. After assembling it, we tried to let Champ in but he was so scared so the kids help him out. They went in first and then they invited him in. After a couple of days, he can now get in there without any problem.
This dog crate costs over $55 dollars with free shipping.  It's nice to get something that you earn from blogging.  I made a review from CSN store and they give me a promo code to use  in their store.  Thanks CSN for the opportunity!


We visited my sister-in-law the other day and on the way, I saw how the sun was trying to hide from this line of cloud.  I wanted to take some pictures  but the  moving vehicle hindered me from doing so.  I wasn't able to capture the sun when  it came  out from the cloud.  Oh well, this one is good enough.