Thursday, September 25, 2008

blogging journey

OK here's a quick stat of my blogging experience. I started blogging on the last week of May at Friendster but my dear friend Malou encouraged me to join So I transferred my posts from F to B. Then just last month, I got my own domain through the help of my webtech mentor Malou (salamat bru).

Now this is my 270th post already, got 3,584 visits, 1,245 profile views, my Alexa Rank was down to 1,570,068(started like 7 million +) so this is a good sign, then my real rank went down from 7k+ to 2,662 (need to bloghop more but no time lol), got countless tags and some awards too. The most rewarding part of this blogging experience are the friends that I met in the blogsphere. So to all of you guys who always visits and contributes ideas to me, SALAMAT po (thank you)!

Ladies Night Out

Four of my friends and I went out for a dinner tonight as a treat for the birthday celebrant Mindy (on the pic). We ate at a local Korean Resto (which i forgot to get the name of lol) but it was sooooooo good. The food were fabulous and so cheap! Our bellies were stuffed when we finish eating. We ate Calbi, Samgapsam (not sure about the name though), a lot of fresh veggies, rice, kimchi, fruits and some Korean delicacy.. They also taught me how to use the chopsticks lol. I remember when we first went out to eat with my hubby's co workers, I wasn't able to eat because I really don't know how to use the CS, I felt so damn idiot in front of everybody..Here are some of the photos: