Friday, September 6, 2013

Link Vehicle - Easy Work at Home

I am sure that most of the bloggers who  does paid advertising on their blogs, knows about Link Vehicle.  Link Vehicle is one of those network that helps advertisers connects with publishers or bloggers around the globe.  Link Vehicle was name as the "Best in Search" by TopSEOs in March 2012.  This network  was founded by two buddies, a software engineer and digital marketing specialist, and a successful online marketing expert.  With their experience, they  know how to reach  to the target market.

 I started working for Link Vehicle back in August of 2012.  Working with them is  easier than the rest of the network where I work.  They don't  ask too many requirements  unlike other networks does.  Link Vehicle recently  started giving guest posts article which I really like because  they are  high quality written articles that are  suited t the niche of your blog.  I also love the fact that they paid higher than the  most of the networks I work with.  

Here are the proof of payments from them  since I started blogging for  them in September 2012.
  • September 2012 - $61.94
  • October 2012 - $81.00
  • November 2012 - $145.89
  • December 2012 - $51.75
  • January 2013 - $201.00
  • February 2013 - $387.50
  • March 2013 - $366.00
  • April 2013 - $194.89
  • May 2013 - $223.80
  • June 2013 - $418.87
  • July 2013 - $173.00
  • August 2013 - $243.60
  • September 2013 - $191.30
  • October 2013 - $647.58
  • November 2013 - $236.35
  • December 2013 - $124.05
  • January 2014 - $250
As you can see, as time progresses, my earnings went up a little.  It's been a year since I  started working with them and I love it.  I made $2,74045 in a year of working  at Link Vehicle.  Here are some  factors that you might consider if you want to  work  for them.
  1. Improve your site's ranking (Google Page Ranks)
  2. Increase your blog's Visitor (You can participate to  blog hop via facebook groups.
  3. Lower your  blogs's bounce rate .  You can join us here  We syndicate and comment in one.  The longer your visitor stays in your blog, the lower bounce rate you will get which is very important.
  4. Make sure to update your blog with  non-paid articles.
Those are just  a few  tricks that you can do.  Now, if you are ready to be part of LLnk Vehicle, just click the  banner below and sign up.