Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Dog Budik

I thought for sure that our dog Budik in the Philippines wouldn't recognize me anymore after a long time that he did not see me. But to my surprise, he still knew me and was happy to see me. He is still the same as the Budik that I knew a few years back, very sweet and malambing. He aged a little bit because he seems to have a rayuma (athritis) now hehehe.. Here's some photos of our daughter and our lovely dog Budik!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Easter Morn

When my husband went to Daegu last week, he bought an easter basket for our little ones. He also bought some other stuff that we added in the basket. After several days of hiding it at his work, he brought it home on Saturday Night so we could surprise the kids on Sunday morning. When our angels woke up, they were very happy to see that the "Easter Bunny" have left them some Easter baskets.
Here's EJ and Rylie with bed heads hehehe.. Rylie exclaimed "Wow, how did the Easter Bunny knows what I Like!" Then after we ate our breakfast, we got ready to go to church and attend the mass. Before we left, we took some pictures of ourselves lol.. And we can't take pictures without Rylie sharing her talentt, so here is her shot of me, Dad and EJ. Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Easter adventure

We had a lot of fun yesterday at the Turtle Cove where they held the Easter activities for the base. We had a free brunch sponsored by the church at TC with the band playing while we're eating. Hubby posted the first part of this post hehehe. Here's the natural beauty of the venue.

I had my exercise climbing though this inflatable slide. I burnt my right elbow because of the friction of this hot material but it was fun and I burned some calories hehehe.

Here's hubby and kids with the Male Easter Bunny. Here's EJ waiting for the egg hunt to start. He wasn't able to participate though because he left and played at the Sea of balls (again.. And again....) Here's Rylie anticipating for the egg hunt. Here's the fun part, everytime someone grab the egg that she wants to get, she'll look at me like "help me, Mom" lol.. But the parents were not allowed to help. Here's what's she gathered, not much hahha.. Some of the eggs has gift certificate but we are not fortunate to find it.After the egg huning, Rylie got to decorate some cookies and ate it afterwards. With Tito Noel Gravina. Yummmmmmmm! With Ms. Theresa...One of the inflatable bunnies that she redeemed from one of the easter eggs she've found in the field. How about you friends, how did you celebrate the Easter Sunday?

Family Bonding Time

We went walking around the base after attending mass last Sunday. The weather was very nice and we got to enjoy one of the greatest gift of God, the beautiful surroundings. We played at the park, take some pictures and just hang out talking. And now my lovely angels are calling me outside ready to hit the road again for its a sunny day to day. Happy Easter everyone.
Yeyyyyy I got to be a kid once again lol.. Sarap magswing hehehe.. Hey, I just want to share this to you guys, do you see the heart shape in this pic? Look closely and tell me what ya think...