Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McDonald Experience

We drove by McDonalds the other day because the kids want the Shrek watches that comes with the happy meal. As hubby ordered, the sales attendant asked " What drink do you want?" My husband said that we don't want any drink. he lady then said "Oh you have to have a drink with the happy meal." I thought it was kind of unnecessary that we have to buy a drink f we don't want to. We did not need it anyway since we are going to eat the food in our home.

I was kind of upset about it because they are forcing you to buy a drink. I told the kids that we won't buy anymore of those happy meals as it made me unhappy lol.

Maybe this is one way of telling us to avoid fast foods. It's not that we always do because we seldom go there. I just find it ridiculous how the system works.