Saturday, April 30, 2011

Butterfly and Wasp

Ms. Burrito used the net that we bought at the store a couple of weeks ago.  She caught one big butterfly.  Don't worry she let it go after  a while.
She just want to see how  butterfly  sucks the nectar.  She picked a dandelion flower and put it in the container together with the butterfly then after she saw how, she let the  butterfly go.
Mr. Burrito on the other hand  got stung by a wasp.  This is the second time he got stung by those beast. I feel bad as it hurts, I know.
It got swollen but after he let the cold pack stay in his palm for a while, it  swelled down.
I hate those wasp.  Hubby already sprayed their house but they kept coming back every year. I wonder if potassium perchlorate will kill them?  Weird thinking eh?  Well, I'm just thinking of ways to kill these  beasts because it seems that the wasp spray doesn't really work.  Anyhow, you guys have a good day!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Candy Land

We bought this Candy Land game when it went on sale last December for $5. I just now have it put out for us to play and it's a good one for the whole family to play. It needs four players so all of us has its own.
Ms. Burrito is getting so addicted to it that he wants us to play every time she gets lol.
She even asked her teacher if she could bring it to show to her classmates but we told her to just wait until their next show and tell so as not to disrupt their classes.
Thanks for visiting  guys.  We are a little busy right now so I can't visit back yet.  I hope and wish that everyone is having a good day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cherry Tree Blooms

The cherry tree at the back of my father-in-law's house has bloomed already. I took these shots last Sunday during our Easter gathering.
The birds love this tree during summer time when the fruits are riping already.
Thank you everyone for visiting, for leaving your thoughts, and for being a constant online acquaintance and friend!

Splash of Orange

Both daughter and husband were off from school yesterday so we went to Starvaggi Park to lessen up the stress we have about Dave's surgery.  The splash of Orange colors in the park gave us  hope about the family's ordeal.
I realized yesterday how time flies and how life  is short sometimes for some people.  So it is always great to enjoy every  bit of it.  
Last year, my daughter  wasn't able to use this orange skort because it was way too big for her but yesterday I realized that she is growing up fast!  Soon she would be bigger than me.  
I have tasks to write yesterday but I  set it aside and went to the park instead.  Family is what we should always prioritize.
Today, my daughter came home from school with a certificate from her teacher.  She won their spelling  exercise and she is very proud about it, WE are too! I am so proud of her progress in school, she knows how to read very well now, can add and subtract,  and she is also getting so good with spelling.  I can still remember when I was still teaching her how to write her name, read the alphabet, and do some math problem.  We did not enroll her in pre-school so my husband and were basically her reading and   writing tutors.  
I am so glad and thankful that I got to be her first teacher.  Being a stay-at-home-mom is a blessing and I am very thankful about it.  I also would like to thank all of you who include my brother-in-law in your prayers.  His surgery went well but he is still in a lot of pain and under observation in the hospital.  In behalf of the  Cottrill clan, thank you all so much!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayer Request

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My brother -in-law was recently diagnosed with a stomach cancer. I am not very particular of what kind is it,  but my SIL said it is a very rare form of cancer. I am asking your help to please pray for my BIL. He will have a surgery this coming Monday at UPMC.  We are all praying and hoping that it will be for the better.  The surgery will involve removing his stomach which means that he won't have one after the surgery. It is the only way to cut the tumor that is growing inside. I am not sure how he could normally function after the surgery but I do trust the surgeons.
Above was taken last Christmas, we did not know that time that he has the growing tumor in his stomach.  We feel like, we are running out of time so we make sure to visit him  oftentimes now.  My sister-in-law told me that she is mad and in denial to why this thing is happening to them.

Below was taken the other day.  We've visited him again and I was shocked to see him  very skinny already.  He lost a lot of weight already as he couldn't eat.
Please pray for him and for all the people who are sick and in need of the divine healing.  His Mom died of the same cancer, their Aunt died of cancer too a couple of years ago, we are hoping and praying that Dave will come through this battle.  Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Celebration

Hello Everyone! How's your Easter celebration. Ours wasn't as fun as last year. We are all worried about my brother-in-law's surgery tomorrow. We went to church at noon, said  prayers for  Dave, and proceeded at my FIL afterwards. Wasn't able to take lots photos. I am not really good in handling this kind of stressful situation.
Nevertheless I took some shots before Dave and Michaele left.  You can tell in the photo how worried Dave is, I think he is scared about tomorrow's event.
We  are praying for you Dave!
Anyhow, we bought the kids some Easter treat.  They were so happy when they woke up as "Easter Bunny" left them  each a basket full of goodies.  
Just some of those goodies they got this Easter.
Please include  my BIL in your prayer guys.  Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Backyard Friends

We dropped by at my SIL Cris the other day because my daughter wanted to know the recipe for making paper mache for the craft she want us to do.  Chris and her grand daughter Grace were in the backyard so we went cruising there. 
Saw the  shadow of the tree and the Mr. Burrito and  Fat Boy came walking by so it's perfect for shadowy shots!
 Little Gracie is such a happy little camper.  She is always  willing to give everyone a smile and a hug!
 Here is the project that my daughter  did.
 She wanted to attach this two together so we use paper mache in the middle.
 It's a paper plate craft that represents her and her brother.

Have a  fabulous Easter everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Exercise and Bonding

Below are some shots that my husband took when Mr. Burrito and I jumped in the trampoline last week.
Having a trampoline inside your backyard is so much fun!  It's a good source of exercise to for me while bonding with my kids.
I am really thankful for CSN for giving me the opportunity to work with them.  I am glad that I was able to accumulate  codes before they  stop  their  promotion.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cloudy and Windy

I took these photos when we were driving going to my FIL for a visit.
Right now, it is cloudy and windy over at our side and the rain might dump on us.  I have to get my daughter to school and I am praying that  it won't rain during that time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nice Neighbors

he neighborhood where we live  is great.    The neighbors are really  nice and helpful.  This is our neighbor Don, he always volunteer to help us  whenever we have  projects  at home.  He also love the kids, he treat them like they are his  grandkids.
He hurt his back when he was painting his house so we did not hesitate to help him out.  My husband on the ladder.
The kids love painting so they did the steps.
We all helped him, hubby finished the painting job for him.
He  was a big help to us when we were putting our fence too.
It is so nice to find neighbors who cares.
Another neighbor that we always talk to is the house next to us.  
The kids love them and they love the kids too.  They always come when we invite them for  special occasion and they always give the kids pressies.
God blessed us with  Nice neighbors and I am very thankful for that!