Sunday, January 26, 2014

Facebook Bloghopping Groups

I used to advertise my blogs in order to get a good amount of traffic but when that company came to an end, I was bummed. I am a comment hog so I participated to some memes (blue Monday, Mellow Yellow, Ruby Tuesday, you name it). I feel like my posts are lifeless when no one write comments on it so I did that for a while. The problem of that was, sometimes some participants in memes don't really reciprocate so I got tired of joining eventually. My blogs went dead there for a while until I discovered some Facebook groups for hopping. Again, I love comment so I started participating on Comment Exchange hops then later on tried the Alexa Hopping.

I am an active member of some Facebook groups for blog hopping and one of those groups is the Filipino Bloggers Forum (FBF).  Admins to this group is strict, they don't let any  misbehavior sly and that is because they want every member to have  the same and equal benefits.   They mean business  when it comes to imposing the rules which is really good  for  everyone.     The admins decided to have some  awarding to the members for different categories and I got two awards, yay, hehehe.

Anyway, it was a fun online event.  Everyone shared video messages.  The admins sent me some memorabilia for the said event.  I love the mugs and the  extra treats that a thoughtful Miss Claire sent me, thanks sis!

Bloghopping groups  is a great help for bloggers like me because  that is where we get our traffic most of the time.  Without them, our blogs will be  dead.  I call them the lifeline of my blogs.  

Thank you so much  to my FBF family,