Thursday, October 28, 2021

Covid Vaccine Mandate Sucks!

My husband has been stressing out about this vaccine mandate.   We thought that we won’t ever had to get it.   I’m not against vaccine but this covid vaccine didn’t really have the amount of time it needed to be properly tested.   Reading some of the side effects that vaccinated people are getting, it’s scary and some even died from it.   

Since it has been mandated, my husband don’t really have a choice but to get it if he wants to keep his job.  With the amount of time, the company gave them to be vaccinated, he didn’t have enough time to look for another job. So yesterday, he got his first dose of the Pfizer.  Now, he is so sick, just like when he got the virus plus his arm where the vaccine was injected is so sore.  I feel bad for him.  This vaccine mandate really sucks.   I don’t understand why this is being shoved down our necks.   Vaccinated people can still get sick so what’s the point really.  I hope that this doesn’t last very long.  He just got over the virus and now this.

UPDATE: January 2022
 The company lost a lot of valuable employees over this vaccine mandate so they lifted the requirement and doesn't require it now.  Hubby regretted getting it but it was for security reason of not losing his job.  I'm glad he only got the first dose though.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Covid Wrath

Hubby and I both got Covid.  He got it first and then I got it from him.  He has been feeling sluggish back in August so he booked an appointment to his doctor.  He went and get examined on the 16th of September and the doctor did not find anything wrong.  
This rock symbolizes my darkest days during covid and brighter days post covid.
The next week, he started having body chill.  I told him  to just work from home but he went anyway because he said he had a lot of things to do there.  He came home Monday with a little fever so I told him again to stay home on a Tuesday.  He went again but came home in the middle of the day because he was feeling terrible. He was burning up that night so I stayed up all night rubbing damp towel on his body.  He was miserable and I felt so bad and worried sick.  He went to the ER the next morning and tested positive with Covid.  His was different than mine, they call it Ronarrhea (Corona Diarrhea).  He recovered rather quickly with his.  By the end of the week, he was feeling better already after he received an IV and antibiotic.

I had a bad migraine when I came  home from school serving lunch on Wednesday.  I didn't really suspect it to be the virus because  migraine is just a part of my daily life.  The next morning, I still have the migraine but this time I have body chills already.  That was the start for me, I went downhill from there. My migraine was getting worse each day no matter how I tried to take care of it by taking medicine. I do however still able to do chores around the house despite the body ache.  

On the next week, I was bedridden already.  I started coughing and having shortness of breath.  On the 12th day, my husband took me to the ER because I started getting nauseous on the 10th day and I couldn't stand without getting dizzy.  Even just going to the bathroom was hard, I start hyperventilating when I go.  Mind you, our bedroom has a bathroom and it takes like 5-7 steps to reach it.  

You might think that I am making it it up but I'm not.  I couldn't do the simplest things like drinking.  When I try to drink, I suffocate.  I couldn't drink without panicking.    I tried to take shower but almost passed out twice.  I would go in the shower and a minute later, I was hyperventilating and couldn't breath, it was the scariest thing I've ever had to deal with.  I have never been that sick in my life.  This covid is nasty!

I was so dehydrated when I went to the ER, I didn't have strength because I wasn't eating either.  When I tried to eat, it just comes out few minutes later.  With my luck, the ER was full that day, it took us almost 3 hours before I was finally seen by a doctor.  

The first nurse that came to take some blood from me had a hard time finding a vein in my left arm but she managed to get some blood.  It was a bloody mess when she got done.  She told my husband that she's going to send  another nurse to find a vein for my IV since the one she did was a mess. The second nurse tried twice but failed.   I hate going to hospitals for this reason, I don't like needles being poked in my body.  Finally, a younger nurse came and she was good.  She find one on my left arm but when they hook the IV it was very painful so she had to try again on my right arm.  At this time, I was praying for God to help the nurse find a vein.  She told me that since I was  very dehydrated, my veins are not showing up.  Both of my arms were bruised and very sore for few days.

Finally the IV was hooked up, I was so cold, my body was shaking the bed I was laying on because I couldn't stop shaking.  Not long after they successfully hooked the IV, I was sent to a lab to get an xray scanned on my body.  They administered something  into me through my IV that felt like I peed.  While I was being scanned, I was thinking, I hope I did not pee my pants.

When I came back to the room, they gave me an antibiotic after the IV was emptied.  I was drained and exhausted that I felt like I wouldn't be able to walk to the car.  I had pneumonia.  I took a set of antibiotic for 4 days.  It helped me a little.  I was still nauseous when I try to get up and walk.  It was frustrating.  The hardest part for me is when I would cough and and run out of breath and then I also have a bad migraine.  

It wasn't until the 4th week that I was able to get out of my bed without getting dizzy.  I was able to eat a little without vomiting.  While I was sick, I asked God to not let me have my period because it was super tough.  Grateful that he granted my wish.  My husband also told me not to ask God to take over his sickness  (I literally asked God to heal my husband and let me be the one to get sick). I'm sure God did not made me sick, I took care of my husband when he was sick so it made me sick.

It's the 4th week since I got sick and I can finally move around and do chores.  I still get shortness of breath when I go up and down the stairs but other than that, I am so happy that I am recovering.  I am glad that I don't get nausea anymore.  I still get migraines but it gets better when I take excedrin.  When the Covid was attacking my respiratory, nothing eases my migraine, it was so bad I was crying most of the times.

Here’s a thing, I lost my sense of smell when I was very sick. I couldn’t  smell anything, even my husband’s fart didn’t bother me.   I didn’t lose my sense of taste but I wasn’t able to eat, I totally lost my appetite so with that I lost 7 lbs!

Today, I wanted to test my strength so I went for a long walk.  Four weeks of not being able to do regular walks killed my soul.  I wanted to see if my lungs could take it and yes, I was able to  complete my route safely.  It took me a couple of hours since I was slow but glad to know that I can do it again.  I had to catch my breath on the uphill part of my walking path but I was okay.  I can say that I am 85% well now. 

Today I celebrate my new me.  I thank God for giving a second chance at life.  I really thought I was gonna die but God is good.  I thank my husband for being there for me, for my kids who prayed for my recovery, for friends who reached out and prayed for me, for friends who brought my family homecooked food when I was sick, and above all, thank you Almighty God for healing me. 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Father's Day 2021

My husband  said "Such a Father's day this year!".  I know it hurts him the most when we put one of our dogs to sleep because Bolt was his dog and he was Bolt's chosen human.  We said good bye to Bolt today, we had him euthanized at Two Ridge Veterinary Clinic.  The Lyme's disease got the best out of him.  He lost his appetite and stopped eating.
This will be the first Father's Day that he won't be able to be with us.  I know that he was just a dog but for us, he was like one of our kids.  

We were supposed to attend graduation parties today but I couldn't bring myself to go anywhere.  I hope that my husband will be able to at least enjoy his day tomorrow.
I always tell my children of how lucky and blessed they are to have a Dad like my husband.  He is the most cool Dad to both of them.  He works hard in order to provide them the best  of things including good Catholic education and spoiled them with a lot of things.
Happy Father's Day to you my Love!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Cheers Shared last Christmas 2020

This year has been a roller coaster 🎢.   The pandemic really affected every norm but life goes on.   I’m sure everyone has been feeling the economic toll that Covid has brought.   I’m still grateful that none of us has gotten sick sick 🤒.   I mean we all got sick but we got better from home.
 Just like the past 15 years, we sent money to my family back home during Christmas.   I don’t send them cash regularly but  during the season of giving, hubby and I make sure to send them some.
This year, we tried to share some of our blessings to people that we think would really appreciate it.  We give each of our garbage collectors an envelope with cash and we also have one to our mailman.  They do their jobs no matter what the weather condition is,  so as a way of thanking them, we thought of sharing a little bit of cheer for them.

Our kids have also participated in some activities to cheer some people up during the pandemic.  My son’s class did a gift giving activity called “You’ve Been Jingled”.   I thought it was a really good idea, it gives the kids something to do to connect with their friends.
My daughter’s school have spearheaded an activity to spread some cheer to our elderly friends and healthcare workers at Serra Manor in Weirton and Genesis Healthcare Center in Follansbee through #Careavan.   
Covid might have taken out the norm of doing things but glad that we were still able to do things creatively.  The year  2020 bid goodbye and it's already the end of April but I am just posting this lol.   Life has been busy despite the pandemic.  I didn't think I would miss writing but I truly do.  I am glad, I am slowly picking it up again.  I still have a lot of catching up to do but hopefully I will get it all sorted out .

Friday, January 15, 2021

Pandemic Challenges

    Covid19 is such a pain in everyone's life.  It hinders so many things that people normally do.  I sure wish it's over already because  wearing mask in public places is really making my migraine worse.  During the months where my kids have to do cyber classes, I thought it would be easier since they don't have to go to school but it was  so hard for both of them especially to our son..  He started with a high A for his grade in Algebra but it slowly going downhill.
Aside from the online struggle, the kids also missed out on so many school activities.  Covid took out the fun for sure.  I am just glad that none of us got the virus.  I mean, we got sick when we went to DC for the March for Life but I don't think it was Covid.  I think we were too exhausted from the trip that my daughter and I did not feel great for a couple of days when we got back.
The good thing about their cyber school though is that, they don't have to get up early and they can do their lessons in their own desk or even in bed. My son's Chromebook was having issues so he had a hard time doing his homework. 
2020 was like a disaster, it wasn't a good memory for all of us.  I am just glad we survived it with having major sickness especially with my kids.