Monday, February 21, 2011

Love is Light

Ms. Burrito  did not go to the Sunday class  for a couple of times this month.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand  got  brave and went with the other kids.  I was so proud with him because  he usually goes when his sister  does.  I remember the first time he tried it, he  asked me to go with him even if his sister was there.
Sunday class is a  program given to children before reading the of the Bible during masses.  A volunteer accompanies the  kids and  read Bible to them, pray, ad do some religious arts and crafts. Above is what Mr. Burrito made.  He brought the other activity for his sister.
Ms. Burrito got busy with it when came home.
The "Word for Children" is a program of the church which aims to give the  adults a full concentration during the reading of the scriptures.  The kids return to the parents after the homily was given by the priest.
I am glad that our son had the courage to go there by himself.  He is becoming more independent now.  Way to go Mr. Burrito.