Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Grieving

My heart was crushed when I check my email this morning. I got this email from Gail back in West Virginia.
"John, Rose and Kids. Dad may have already called you to let you know, Aunt Athelea Passed away on Monday. We just found out our selves. I am sure he called you.Love you and miss you!"You may have read my previous post about Aunt Athelea who had a cancer and we were hoping that she would still be around when we come back home this year but she already passed away. I can't help not to cry because she was my second mother in a foreign land. She treated me like her own daughter and now she passed away without us there. The pictures were taken when we visited them before we came here in Korea.To you Uncle Bill, our prayers are with you and for Aunt Athelea soul resting in peace. We love you very much! May God give you great amount of strength to carry on this tough times.