Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Food Exploration

We tried our luck yesterday in food hunting outside the base without a Korean with us. We went to Home Plus and had our lunch to the food court there. As I was ordering, I told the cashier that I wanted the number 11 combo of different foodie. She told me something in Korean but I did not understand her so I pointed her the combo that I want. The problem was the drink, I did not order some because I don't know what to say lol.. But anyhow, we got drinks from the other side of the food court where hubby bought the kids foods.. Here are some snaps..
looks different but they're good.. We don't even know the names of the food. There's noodles with mushy toppings, sweetened pork with veggies, fried rice with toppings too, stir fired chicken with veggies, kimchee, spicy seafood soup with noodles, cloeslaw with dumplings and pickled raddish that you eat after to freshen the breath.
Here's Rylie pre-testing her corn salad or slaw.. Hmmmnnn, am not sure about his... she also had calamris and fries. EJ love the fried rice and calamaris.. We like it so far, the spicy food made me sweat lol....After eating we let the kids played at the children play area of the mall.. We had a good day yesterday but I worked from 5-10 pm when I arrived my husband was called to report to work too and he stayed there until 1:30 (that's two nights in a row)... my poor hubby... Oh well, that's part of life.. So that's why, I wasn't able to reciprocate your visit friends.. sowi about that... I'll make it up to you promise!

Happy Veteran's Day

Today, we commemorated the braveness of our forefathers who fought the invaders in order to liberate our country from conquerors and such. I am specially dedicating this post to my late grandfather who served the American Troupe in the Philippines against the Japs and to my father in law who served during the WW2...

I worked from 12-7 pm today so we decided to just buy some chicken for our dinner at the BBQ Chicken out in town....Their chicken is awesome.. Hmmmnnn so tender and yummmmmmmy!

Today is also a Korean Holiday called Pepero Day (I'm not sure if I spelled it right). But anyhow, they said that this is their version of the white holiday in Japan. Our Korean friend told us that during Pepero day, the boyfriend gives gift to his girlfriend and during Valentines day, the girlfriend is the one to give a gift to her boyfriend.. Interesting eh?

Silence means trouble

Whenever my kids are very quiet, I always check out for them because they are always up to something. Just like one morning after my daughter's birthday , I went to my neighbor next door to return something and I decided to water my plants before going back in. After I got done, I came in and I immediately called their names because it was a total silence in the house. My daughter answered "over here mommy". They were in the dining room. To my dismay this was what they're doing.
They were both smiling at me so instead of feeling upset I just grab my camera and took the evidence hehehe. My daughter said "It's OK Mommy, the party is over". What a mess, I just got done cleaning the house and there they were again!