Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simply Alice Bracelet

I received the prize that Ms. Burrito won from a giveaway over at Mary's blog a couple of weeks ago.  I was a little disappointed though because we ordered the black one but they sent us the grey one.  It's still beautiful though, I just wish that they could have send us the  color that we want.  
I didn't fool returning it because we got it   for free anyway so I can't complain too much ... wink.  Anyhow,  if you want to find  chic  gift ideas, check out Shabby Apple website as they have a great collection of  elegant accessories.
This Grey/blue fresh water pearls bracelet is  finished with a cream satin bow. It has metal chain and lobster clasp for easy removal without compromising the perfect bow.  It  measure 8” inches at furthest link.  This is handmade in the USA.
The bracelet is the new addition to the  accessories collection that I have in my jewelry box.  I seldom wear  any of those  but I would love to preserve just in case my daughter would love this kind of stuff when she grow up.  Granted  they are not  expensive pieces but it would be a memorable  keepsakes for her.  I am linking this post to the NEWEST meme I discovered, the Alphabet Thursday.