Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cookies for Sale

Playdoh cookies that is hehehe. 

 This week's topic at Ms. Burrito's class is about money and time. They are learning the different coins and learning how to read time.  
When she came home from school, she got busy making tag price, I asked her what was it for, she said that she is planning to sale her "cookies" so she could  send the money to her  cousin's in the Philippines
She scattered  all her "cookies" in the dining table and put the price tag on each lol.  She has been so concerned about her  cousins  ever since my brother passed away, she said that she wants to help them out.
I know that it is just a play but I am very touched of my  daughter's way of thinking.  She also wants us to have a garage sale  so the money she will collect can be send to them.  Ahhh, can't help my tears from falling.  Wish I could turn back time and  have my borther back alive once again.  I feel so bad  for  their  three kids.