Wednesday, April 22, 2009

friendly deers

We used to have two or three visitors in our backyard during summer. They are the family of deers that lives nearby our house back in the mainland and we enjoy ourselves watching them eat the apple fruit that fall on the ground from our backyard. This apple tree bears so many fruit every year and our neighbor would come out to our yard and pick 'em and make it into an apple pie since I don't know how to make one hehehe. She makes awesome homemade apple pie. Me and my daughter love eating the fruit because they are sweet although small in size. Yeah, it is obvious on my post that I am missing our home... sigh... The good thing is that we are near to my homeland Philippines, so the air fare for the four of us will be much cheaper compared to the states.


When we were in Legazpi, we stayed to a small family owned hotel. what we Like about Jennifer's Kabayan Hotel is that all the employees are very friendly and welcoming except to one lady. I think she is a manager or something but the majority were pretty nice, even the owner always talks to us when we're outside. The ambiance is awesome, they have a terrace where you can sit and relax, a swimming pool to plunge in when you're feeling hot or sit in the beautifully landscaped garden. it's a very nice place to stay especially when you have kids. The price is unbeatable too compared to other hotels in the area.