Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Ball Fight

 During the first day of snow  (Wednesday), my son begged me for us to go out and play.  He wanted to play snow ball fighting wahhh.  Champ and I got abused with snow balls lol.
  I am not really into cold but what can you do, for the sake of your son's  happiness, you would be willing to freeze your butt lol.
 The snow was not even deep but it was enough for us to  make a snow ball.
 We made a big one but then he requested for smaller ones.  After I made them, he started throwing it at me wahhh.
 We played until my  hands and feet are all numbed.  He didn't like to come in but then I told him that Daddy can take him out again when he got off from school.
 Look at him, he thought that it is so much fun to slide in snow lol.
 Well, burrito aren't you tired of being out?
 Brrrr it is so cold till now.  We are below freezing so I am shaking lol.

 Thanks for visiting friends.  This is a scheduled post so I might be  snoring already when you read this one lol.  Nope, I don't really snore hehehe.  Thanks for  leaving your thoughts.