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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Communion Dress

Ms. Burrito is having her first communion sometime in May.  We have been looking for communion dress in the mall in Steubenville but I could not find one.  I looked  online and found  so many but the prices are just way too high.  Then I  got to thinking, maybe someone   has it in Listia, an  online place where I am an active member.  I searched for it and voila, I found  one that fits my baby girl's size.  

The dress is new.  The former owner said that she bought it for her  daughter  but never got to wear it as it was too small.  I bid on it and won the auction using the points I have from the site.  I only paid shipping fee and am so glad because it saved me a good bit of money.
She's wearing my wedding gloves on this photo.
She tried the dress yesterday and it fits her perfectly.  I still have to get her a veil and a pair of shoes.  She has a pair of white shoes in the closet and we did not realized how big her feet has grown in just a matter of months, whew. She is wearing her  Cinderella shoes in these photos.  I was going to make her a veil out of my wedding veil but I thought of preserving it so I would just buy one for her to use.  
As you can see in the photos, even  though she's smiling, she was fevered  that time.  She is still feeling a little bit down  today.  I hope that she would get better soon.  Have a great week everyone!

Wowza Media Server

My husband told me that every Thursday they have a meeting at work.  It's the way for the the higher management to  check on the  employees and see how things are going which I think is really good.  Sometimes, their meeting includes the one in other country so they get to see other  employees there via video conference.  I am sure that  they have a powerful media server as they are a growing company   and their company operation is still expanding.  My husband likes his current job, however, he is still looking for some possible job opportunities that  would be better than the one he currently have.  The good thing about the company is that they  encourage all the employees to apply for the  higher position when they are qualified, so advancing is not a problem.  

On the other note, a lot of companies nowadays are equipped with the high technology system in order to have a faster and better communication with their  business contacts.  If your company is in need of a good media server provider, check out the Wowza company as they provide the most reliable one.  You can find out more details about their products and services by visiting the useful links I have provided above.