Monday, July 7, 2008

Party means fOOd!

Whoa, it's been 4 days now that I wasn't able to post a blog lol... Got so busy with work and my daughter's birthday party preparation.. Whew, that was tough but thank God, we managed to get it done. I wasn't able to cook ahead as I planned, so yesterday was a heck of a time. Me and hubby woke up so early and started preparing all the stuff. He prepared the desserts and I did the main courses. By the time the guest had arrive, we're almost done. 

The embarrassing part was, we didn't took shower yet hahaha! So we hurried up and took a fast one..
Lots of people came. My son EJ was a very good host, he was handing everyone a drink which everyone thought was cool. Rylie had a lot of fun playing with the kids, cutting the cake and opening the presents.

Funny Part...
When Rylie was tasting the icing of the cake, we encouraged our son to do the same but he wouldn't do it. When nobody was watching he stuck his whole hands in the cake. Everybody burst into laughing. Also this morning when we were busy preparing the food, he pulled down the pan of brownies and dug his fingers on it. I didn't have a time to take a pic coz I was so busy.

I appreciate everyone who visited my blog. I apologize that I wasn't able to visit you guys back for a couple of days..Got so busy, busy, busy..