Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Cards

Thanks  to  friends and families who  sent me  cards and gifts during my birthday.
Hubby's card this year was extra   big hehehe.
Just  updating  quick, will be busy again. I am not going to scrap my car but I will definitely do something.  Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On the second day of water outage, the pipes started to have a gargling sound like water will start pouring down so all of us stared at our faucet, anticipating for the water to come out. But we did not get lucky, the gargling sound disappear after 30 minutes.
We ended up going to Follansbee, nearby city, to take our showers at my NIL.  Thanks a lot Jen and Jim!
After  taking showers, we let the kids bond with Gracie and other kids for a while before we headed back home.
THe little one was so excited in showing Ms. Burrito her toys.
Rubberized lizard toy under their chins.
Oh it's the worst feeling you'll have when you lost water. It's bad when there's a flood but it's also but when there's nothing, even a drop.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shadowy Bloom

A lovely bloom from my SIL's front yard. I can't resist not to take a photo of it.  She told me  the name of the bush but I forgot it's name.
My husband received another certificate from  his school.  He made it again to the Dean's List last term.  We are so proud of you hon.  I stumbled upon  A level courses online and  want to share it to you guys,  you might be interested in checking it out.  I am sharing this post to weekly memes.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Triple the Charm

I am a Guest Friend over at Today's Flower this week and I am delighted.  Special thanks to Luiz for inviting me.  Below is the first bloom in my garden.
I took photo of this one when my daughter and I went for a walk.  I dunno what kind of flower this is.
And this lovely orchid is from Lowe's.  The two that I bought last December  are still alive  and I am waiting when it will bloom.
I call this post triple the charm because those three are all charming.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cancer Battle

We visited my BIL the day after Father's day. We were suppose to visit him on Father's Day but his wife told us that he was so sick due to the last chemo that he received.  His battle with cancer is  still not done because even if the big amount of it was removed from his lungs, there still some that spreading  in his liver.  Since they can't do an operation, the doctors are just hoping that  it will be cured through chemotherapy treatment.  
These photos were taken when  he  has still a long hair, after  a couple of chemo, his hair started to fall off so his wife decided to just shaved it off.  He is now bald.
My kids are very fond of Dave because just like my husband, he is also very good in dealing with children.
I hope and pray that the chemo treatment will cure the remaining cancer  in his body.  

Thanks for dropping by folks!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Frugal Gardening

Here's what keeps the frugal gardener busy.  Transferring my plants from  our  front walkway to our backyard.  I am done with it now so we are just waiting for the contractor to start with the porch renovation.  Oh, I still have to transfer my roses but I'll wait for the  construction to start, maybe they could help me dig out my thorny roses with their  equipment hehehe.
Here's our vegetable garden looks like now.  The lettuces and the beans are  getting thick and the tomatoes are catching up too.  We put the wire fence around it  to  hinder our  dog from getting inside and tearing up the plants.
New addition to  our backyard.  I dressed up the mailbox we put  there for  the bird and planted  some flowers around it.  I also connected it to the Lilac bush that we planted   there three years ago.
I used  the rocks I found  at the  flower bed in front instead of buying bricks.  Thanks to my SIL for  giving the kids those concrete  car and star molds a couple of years ago.

The only thing I bought on this flower bed is a bag of mulch.  There you go friends, it might not be as fancy as your garden but I am trying to beautify my backyard without spending  too much. I am trying to save some moolah for Tuscany Holidays, opps... you know that I am just kidding right?  What I am not kidding is that, I am  saving for our upcoming getaway next month.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrinkled Knuckles

I seldom paint my nails but for mother's day sake, I painted both my nails and my daughter's. It was a special little bonding  between me and my little lady,..
Ms. Burrito said "We should do this more often Mom."  LOL!
My wrinkled knuckles is my contribution to ABC's W.  I grew up planting rice in the field with my bare hands and my hands was so rough because of calluses before.  Glad the calluses went away but not the ones in my feet, very unattractive .. sigh.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dads!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in the world!
We just came home and it's a perfect time too because it is now raining.  We attended mass at noon then went to  my FIL's home and cooked dinner.

After we ate and bonded with Dad, we took my husband to the mall for a little shopping spree as  our Father's Day gift.  He did not find  the one that he wanted which is   a pair of  new running shoes but we bought him a pair of Levi's  pants and four.  We will find him a  shoes next time.  
How about you folks, did you have a good Father's Day celebration?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paper Roses

I posted some photos of this flower at my other blog and I named her Powder Puff because I don't know the name. Three commenters identified it as three layered poppies. Maybe this belong to poppy family because the way the  bud hang down, it resembles  how the poppy looks like when it's getting ready to pop the flower.
Whenever I see the full bloom of this, it reminds me of the song Paper Roses because it looks like a crepe paper made  flowers hehehe.
Thanks for visiting!

8 Years and Counting

In a couple of months, hubby and I will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.  I  am  glad that  joining the free online dating worked out for me and him.  We are now happily married  with two beautiful children and I couldn't ask for more.  There are so many couple I know  who found each other through online dating. It's not really impossible to find   someone through the net, you just have to be extra careful when dealing with people  online because  there are also  predators who are just waiting for the right opportunity.

Beat the Summer Heat

You ca beat the summer heat through using replica sunglasses to protect your eyesight.    Summer is all about fun and fashion.  Picture yourself out in the  beach with  a sexy two piece bathing suit laying in the sand  or playing beach ball.  I am so excited with our upcoming trip  next month and I can't wait to meet  a good friend  of mine thru blogging weeee.  I won't reveal the details but the whole family is really excited about  it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Day I Turned...

Water is  very vital to our existence, hence to our everyday lives.  On the day I turned 38, the water supply in our area disappeared.  What a day to celebrate your birthday isn't it? 
Nevertheless, it was fun as I was surrounded by loving people, my family and my in-laws.
My husband volunteered to cook  which I was very happy.  Our plan was to just cook at home and invite my FIL but we ended up going to his house because we did not have water.
So the day I turned 38 was very memorable.  Thanks everyone for the greetings!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rabies Shot

Our JRT Champ was due for rabies and other shots so we brought him to the Vet last weekend.  The little guy was so stressed out  when we were driving going to the Vet's clinic but  so calm going home.
This pretty receptionist was just sitting on top of the  reception window at the Vet's  clinic.  I took a picture of her and she posed for me.  Thanks Kitty!
While Champ was taking a damp, saw this  sparrow relaxing on top of the fence.  Love the clematis bloom too.

Puzzle Craze

The Burritos love puzzles. This set of puzzle was sent by a friend from Japan, the author of Kizuna. Thanks once again Clang and family!
I am glad they like this kind of activity as it  really stimulates their  thinking skills.
Ms. Burrito can now  complete this  puzzle alone and she loves doing it.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand don't have the patience to complete it.
We recently bought a new one, a spider man puzzle.