Friday, February 17, 2017

Ways to Deal with Adversities

  My children are very observant and they listen to every little thing that   we say at home.   They can feel the energy that my husband and I have everyday so we try our very best to be  of good energy so we can transfer it to them.  At home we can influence   their mood but when they go out, we can't control what is going on so it is  a hard thing to deal with, however, there are ways we can help our children to cope up and deal with adversities.
 FIND  CREATIVE ACTIVITIES for THEM TO DO - this will take their mind off  the things that are bothering them.  My kids love to  do  any outdoor  activities so even during  winter, they would insist to  do things  outside.  I was a little hesitant to let  them  play in the snow when we had that  frigid  temperature but something was bothering them especially my  daughter  who is very  sensitive so I let them  play outside.  They told me about  a tension that is  going on in the school  and I feel bad that they have to go through that but I guess it is part of the learning process.
FIND  GROUP ACTIVITIES - we are so lucky that most of the parents in our children's classes are  close to us.  Being in a small community is advantageous because  everyone seems to know everybody so when there are events, we always get notified and  we attend  every chance we  get.  One of the Moms organized a bowling night after a tension-filled week at the school to give the students some breather.  It was also a fun night for us parents.
MUSIC  -  a lot of people can connect to music.  Music is  one big part of my children's coping mechanism.  My daughter plays piano when she is bored or  stressed.  Another best way to deal with  adversity is through arts and crafts, there are so many  arts and crafts project that you can do with your children  at home.  These are just some of the ways that works best for my kids.