Monday, May 17, 2010

Peonies & Chelsea

Our female Pomeranian dog, Chelsea, love to eat flowers. She eats every dandelion that she could find in our yard. When my flowers in the garden started to bloom, she started eating it too. Here's my peonies when it's just starting to bloom.

Yesterday, we were all outside and we let the the dogs loose, Chelsea tore up three big peonies and started eating it, so I put her on a leash before she could eat all my pretty blooms.
I think that the peonies are sweet because ants love them and our little missy here has a sweet tooth too.

You can see on the fourth shot how she tore up three stems just to get the flowers.
I love the blooms of peonies because they smell good and they're gorgeous!

I have white and pink of them. which do you think is prettier. I love the red shade on the white one but I love the color pink too.