Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blazin Hot

Whew, we survived the power outage today! The power got back at 4 pm but oh boy, I tell you that was sooooo terribly hot... I went to work at 11 am, I wasn't too happy about it because aside from not having electric in the work area, there's nothing to do either. I can't complain about it though because I get paid for doing nothing until the power resumed, besides I got to read my book lol.. It's just so dang hot in there, I'm glad it's over. Hubby said that they were sweating inside the house after they got back from the mall. So he just let the kids stay in the bathtub for an hour or so. I just wish that project like this (working on the power line) should be performed when the weather is a little bit cool not so blazin hot like today.