Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to explore with Dora

Hubby took these pictures of our little ones the other night while they were watching Dora the Explorer on their portable DVD player. Usually they use the TV in the living room but since it was bed time, they want to get sleepy by watching their show at our daughter's bedroom. Here's Rlie acting silly, making weird face lol.. EJ was very serious hehe... Finally he turned and smile to his Dad...

Innocence and Wisdom

My interpretation to this is that, when you spend time talking to people who are 70 years old and older, you will learn a lot of valuable lessons through their experiences. Old people has a lot of wisdom in them, things that made them strong and wise. Children are so innocent that when you talk to them, you learn things that are normally unknown to adults. From their honest assessment and observation of everything, we tend to learn things that we never imagine is possible..